The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr

To share with you while we all rush headlong to meet our collective destiny.



“Absolutely Awesome!” – rrrina

“That is some awesome learning. Thank you!” – DeliberateCruelty

“I love this clip!! Speaks so much of what I like. I hope the deluded beings don’t come up and spam this wall.” – yamdongjai

“Good stuff, brother.” – Mathfails

“Cool! Wicked cool! And really brave! I am impressed.” – Heroasango

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)


One thought on “The Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr

  1. Hi Anthony…your dedication is exceptional and to be admired. I think the greater one’s ability to remove certain conditioned and natural belief systems from within ones persona which inhibit consciousness growth, the greater is our ability to tap into an infinite recourse of knowledge which is already amassed within super-consciousness of the soul- spirit. After all, if reincarnation is fact and are we are potentially infinite beings, then that knowledge or cosmic memory pertaining to cosmic history, truth, self identity or kingdom, is within us anyway and ready for the pickings. Arohanui from the Land of the Long White Cloud.Peter Terry

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