2010-05-28 – Anthony Marr’s CARE-7 tour blog #19 – Louisiana & Florida


7 thoughts on “2010-05-28 – Anthony Marr’s CARE-7 tour blog #19 – Louisiana & Florida

  1. Anthony, While I'm sure Louisiana will be memorable to you in many ways, I may always associate it with those two very tense hours of waiting and feeling helpless while you were detained and interrogated. I'm glad that, thanks to Tony the Tiger, you were liberated in time to take these enchantingly beautiful photos you captured later that day. What a beautiful area! I am glad you had the chance, amidst all the work you are doing, to enjoy the natural beauty and elegance that we can still call our Earth. Thank you for fighting so hard to save her and may she always be this pristine and beautiful.

  2. Catherine, thank you for standing by me during those two stressful hours. As for Venice, it is with the deepest regret that I say: due to global warming and the associated sea-level rise, Venice will be submerged within decades, as will New Orleans itself except with the bandaid of higher and higher levys. – Anthony

  3. Wow-what a story!!! Your pictures are stunning! I have been working, posting and doing all I can to help Tony get freed from that hellhole!Thanks for all you do!

  4. Anthony, all that I can think of to say after reading that is: "I wish the human species would evolve already!" I am glad that everything turned out okay for you! I hope that your passionate and fervent loyalty to Tony's "cause" ends just as uneventfully and peacefully!Keep following your "bliss!" Hopefully it will lead the folks that truly appreciate and revere this beautiful earth to witness the evolution of a new perception!

  5. Thank you Anthony, your article was amazing. I am very glad you can keep your cool. I hope you can get some help for Tony the Tiger. I appreciate all you are doing. I live in Tampa and am glad you have planned to visit our cat sanctuary.

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