2010-07-07 – Anthony Marr’s CARE-7 tour blog #23 – VA, MD, NJ



Anthony Marr’s CARE-7 tour blog #23

Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey

My friend Jerry Cook’s Facebook profile phrase is “Life is good in Jerry’s world”. Indeed, indeed. A time with Jerry is always relaxing, no matter what stresses in life one may, could or should carry. After not having touched a guitar for easily 20 years – I used to play lead guitar in the rock band Beyond Nemesis in the 70s featuring Julie Dalquest as our lead singer – I picked up one of Jerry’s many guitars, and it seemed as if I hadn’t laid one down at all. I tried picking a tune I used to play – The Stairway to Heaven. On the first night, every note was a struggle, but by the third night, I could go through it until I had to struggle with Jimmy Page’s solo, which will take quite a few weeks to remaster. All in all, I left Kill Devil Hills on Friday afternoon, June 25, with a lightness of being one could only feel while on vacation, which, by the way, I never take.

[Horse sculpture at the entrance of Jerry Cook’s gated community]

[Diane (“Reesie”) and Sherry]

The drive to the next destination – Virginia Beach – was not long. I arrived at the place of Sheryl (Sherry) Skelley in the afternoon, and the first things I got were two huge hugs from Sherry and her daughter Diane (“Reesie” – a terrific singer), who then led my attention to a sign on their garage door: “WELCOME ANTHONY MARR”.

[Dave Skelley, Sherry’s husband]

[Jack, Jill and China, the dogs]

[Jill to Anthony: “Can I have your lunch?”]

In the evening, we had a small discussion gathering, at which our mutual friend Gina Williams was also present.

[Gina on left]

Almost as a matter of course, the subject of SC (StopCrush) vs GAHC (Global Anti-Hunting Coalition) was raised, and not by me. As it happened, both Sherry and Gina were keenly aware of the conflict. Sherry was in communication with both groups, and over the weeks had seen the definitive different between the two. Both groups were fire and brimstone, but whereas 90% of the GAHC site was and is against the hunters and 0% against SC, 90% of the SC site was devoted to attacking GAHC. And while the names of Anthony Damiano and Marla Stermwolf-Patty were never once mentioned in the GAHC site, my name Anthony Marr was smeared all over the SC site. Most of the SC attacks against GAHC were about GAHC attacking SC – a comically ironic case of a deuce of Clubs calling an Ace of Hearts black.

[One of the dozens of screen shots of the StopCrush site over weeks. There is not a grain of truth in any of these allegations, which are just a few drops in a libelous bucket. And they won’t be able to produce any evidence to back them up when challenged, simply because there isn’t any. The only thing written about them was in my June 6 blog in http://www.HomoSapiensSaveYourEarth.blogspot.com, and a single thread titled “The Glove Are Off” in the FB site of GAHC co-VP Catherine Garneau. There is nothing in the sites of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) that once mentions SC.]

The “is” and “was” are not a grammatical error, since whereas GAHC, though resulting from the SC attacks had lost about 100 members out of 4500, is now strong and growing, SC is now defunct. With such a clarity of vision, Sherry made her choice to welcome me into her home. Gina, who lives in Sherry’s house, like many others, deleted both groups from her contacts, but having spent several days with me off and on, she has reinstated GAHC but not SC. Bless both their hearts.

[Anthony Marr at Hands Across the Sand in Virginia Beach]

The next day, July 26, Saturday, was about as busy as any busiest days on the tour thus far. First, Sherry led my car to the beach where the Hands Across the Sand event was to take place. It was of special significance to Virginia Beach, since plans were and are being drawn up for offshore drilling within 3 miles of land.

[Sherry Skelley collecting signatures on anti-offshore-drilling petition]



[Policemen signing petition]

At high noon, hundreds of people joined hands, forming a long line across the sand. It was phenomenal, and magical to be a part of.










[Most photos by Anthony Marr, video by Gina Williams]

Shortly after, I drove 5 hours to Baltimore for an evening potluck speech hosted by Earthsave, organized by Don Robertson whom I’ve known for years. The event was well attended, and my speech, so far without an exception on this tour, was well received.




[Don Roberson introducing Anthony Marr’s talk]

Although lodging had been arranged for me in Baltimore, graciously offered by two separate parties: Joyce B.J. and Cathy M., due to Sherry’s very warm invitation for me to return to her home for the next several days, I drove the 5 hours all the way back to Virginia Beach, arriving at almost 3 a.m. All in all quite a day.



And it was during these several days’ free time when I wrote my blog titled “SAVE OUR WORLD FROM HELL ON EARTH”, which, for what it’s worth, is said to be my best blog ever, described variously as “brilliant”, “amazing” and “a must read”. πŸ™‚ It is in my blogsite:



and its URL is:



[Steve E. speaking at the Freefold event.]

On July 3, Saturday, I left Sherry’s home to drive 8 hours to my friend Steve E.’s place in Middlesex, New Jersey, there to stay until the Animal Rights Conference on July 15. I first met Steve in 2003 during my CARE-1 tour, and stayed in this very same house for a number of days. Sherry gave me a tearful goodbye, offering an open door to me whenever I need a place to stay. and even if I don’t. She and Gina are both planning on going to the Animal Rights Conference.


July 4, the day to celebrate freedom in America, when in the Gulf states, freedom is being severely curtailed, not only by law enforcement officers, but by the thugs in the employ of BRITISH Petroleum, when B.P., previously nicknamed “Beyond Petroleum”, has now come to represent Beyond Prosecution. Take one picture in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you may be detained for as long as they please.


But we had our own freedom day. The afternoon of the 4th of July was slated for my talk at the Oak Point Picnic Area, Turkey Swamp Park, Freehold, NJ. Thanks to the organizing effort of host Doris Lin, which involved three Central New Jersey groups, it was a great success.

[Doris Lin introducing Anthony Marr’s talk]







On June 18, my FB friend Anthony Botti had written, “Anthony, looking forward to meeting you in Freehold, NJ on July 4th. I have been promoting your appearance very strongly with our Central Jersey AR group (FAUN NJ). If there is anything we can do to facilitate your passage through our area, please advise and we will do our best. Namaste.”


And here is Doris Lin’s own write up:


Vegan Potluck Goodness
Tuesday July 6, 2010

Vegan Potluck

by Doris Lin

On July 4, I attended a vegan potluck and talk by Anthony Marr that I organized. Marr is an award-winning animal rights activist, environmental activist, scientist, and author who is on his seventh Compassion For Animals Road Expedition. He’s touring the U.S., speaking about global warming, leading funeral motorcades for deer, and protesting vivisection. Marr’s talk on Sunday focused on climate change, latent heat, the methane time bomb, the power of the oil industry, and mass extinction events. Some of this information is available on Marr’s blog, where you can also follow along on his tour. Marr is also scheduled to speak at the Animal Rights 2010 National Conference, July 15-19 in Washington, DC. If you have a chance attend one of his talks, I highly recommend it! The July 4 event was co-sponsored by Animal Protection League of New Jersey and Central Jersey Vegetarian Group.
Vegan Potluck

And the potluck? Excellent! I stuffed myself with pasta salad, potato salad, rice salad, kale salad, fruit salad, cheeze and crackers, home fries, watermelon, blueberries, raw cheesecake, and cupcakes – all vegan and yummy. Over 40 people attended, and it was fun chatting with friends and meeting new people.
Anthony Marr

I also thought that the day was a perfect example of the support you’ll get and the people you will meet if you get involved with local vegan/animal groups. In addition to hearing Anthony Marr speak, I talked with Rose Rosenbaum of Coalition for Animals, fellow BEAR Group activist Steve Ember, Jan Fredericks of God’s Creatures Ministry, Deborah Jones of the British organization Catholic Concern for Animals, vegan health and fitness coach Gary Gibson, and Stu Chaifetz of SHARK (SHowing Animal Respect and Kindness).

Whether you’re new to animal rights or a long-time vegan AR activist, getting involved with local groups gives you a network of support and local contacts that you can’t get from the big, national groups. The big groups serve an important role, but when was the last time one of them invited you to a vegan potluck where you met some amazing people and ate incredibly delicious, homemade, raw vegan raspberry cheesecake?

And some feedback:

SusanFaye β“‹ Lorito-Schindler
had a wonderful day. glad we didn’t miss it.
Tuesday at 11:05am

Gary Gibson
Thanks for everything Doris Lin. And Anthony was brilliant as expected. Sometimes he must feel he is preaching to the choir and the people that most need to hear his words are the ones he’ll never get to speak to. But thats where we come in I guess.
Tuesday at 8:41pm

Anthony Marr
Thanks again, all! For the written and illustrated version of my speech, see my blog titled “SAVE OUR WORLD FROM HELL ON EARTH” in
Please pass it on!
Tuesday at 8:45pm

Anthony Marr
R ather than “preaching to the choir”, I’d say “rallying the troops”.
Tuesday at 8:46pm

Gary Gibson
yes. well put.
Tuesday at 9:36pm

Doris Lin
Anthony, thank you for an informative and inspiring afternoon!
Gary, it was great meeting you!
Su, it was great seeing you, as always! I can only tag 6 people per post. Can you add Thomas?
Tuesday at 11:25pm

SusanFaye β“‹ Lorito-Schindler
Anthony, even an ol’ hat like me learned something.
Wednesday at 1:31am


July 5, Monday afternoon, found me in Plainfield, New Jersey, in the 95F shade of the magnificent trees in Carol Davis’s magical garden, replete with stream and pond, giving a talk to her by-invitation-only group of highly accomplished friends. “Queen” Carol Davis is a long time friend of mine whom I also met in 2003, and have seen over the years. Incidentally, she is one of the recipients of Damiano’s defamatory email titled “Beware of Anthony Marr”. In their midst was Kara Richarson, a reporter of the Courier News, and photographer Augusto Menezes. Carol also invited Patrice Greanville, who gave a brief talk after mine.



[I can do it in my sleep.]


After the event, Carol wrote on FB: “Anthony Marr’s presentation was superb.
Despite the heat, all guests were riveted, and the ensuing discussion was vibrant. Thanks to Patrice Greanville for adding so much!”

And some feedback:

Sarah Edgar
It really was a wonderful event. Thank you, Carol and Michael, for your gracious hospitality, and thank you, Anthony and Patrice, for a truly educational experience.
Tuesday at 1:46am

Maggie Frame Brienza
Totally agree! And so very nice to finally meet Scraps’ mom!
Tuesday at 1:52am

Bridget Briant
I agree also. It was very worthwhile. I feel inspired and hopeful that we can and will make a difference to help heal the earth.
Tuesday at 8:14am

Anthony Marr
Carol, Michael, Patrice and all, it was a memorable experience for me. I’ll be blogging the event in my blogsite:
Tuesday at 7:27pm

Waken Up
Thank you for creating this opening for Anthony’s critically important message!
Wednesday at 1:51am

Subsequently, on July 6, Patrice Greanville wrote to me on FB: “Dear Anthony: It was a distinct pleasure to see such a brilliant mind at work, fueled by matching moral passion… I hope the rest of the trip proves safe and successful. // When you have the time, let’s discuss your becoming our science editor. It’s one more venue for you to reach people willing to be educated and mobilized. The main sites are Cyrano’s Journal (http://www.cjournal.info/) and The Greanville Post (http://www.greanvillepost.com/). If you visit either or both, you’ll quickly realize the caliber of the work we do.”

I wrote back: “Patrice, the feeling is very mutual. I’d be honored to serve as one of your science editors, and hope to be equal to the task.”

Patrice Greanville: “Splendid. I will be sending you a note formally announcing your appointment as Cyrano’s Journal/The Greanville Post’s Science & Ecoanimal Editor. I’m starting by posting your entire (video) lecture on Global Warming / Global Heating, plus other materials germane to the topic. // From here on out, any articles you care to run on our sites, just send them to my attention and we’ll take care of it. In time, through the CJO News Syndicate, the audience reach will be expanded substantially, as more than two dozen sites will be publishing materials in sync. // Do be well, dear comrade, and take care of yourself.”


And here is the Courier News Article by Kara Richardson:


Courier News

by Kara L. Richardson
staff writer

PLAINFIELD – A man who travels the country to get people moving on the issue of global warming made a stop Monday afternoon in Plainfield.

About 40 people gathered for a potluck vegan meal with environmentalist and animal rights activist Anthony Marr. The event was held in the shade of towering maple trees in Carol Davis’ Watchung Avenue backyard.

“We want to help him to be able to bring his story to as many people as possible,” Davis said. “He is quite a fascinating guy. He has done a lot for the environment, animals and people.”

Marr, who has a degree in physics, is the founder of Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE). His most recent book is “Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH!”


This is Marr’s seventh cross-country tour. Over the years, Marr said, he has down-sized his vehicle – from an RV, to a car; now he travels part of his journey on a motorcycle.

“Sometimes it takes a little gasoline to save a lot of it.” Marr said before sharing that his motorcycle gets more than 80 miles per gallon. He eco-friendly tour, which began in April 1 from his home in Vancouver, Canada, will traverse through 40 states before it is finished in November. He almost always stays at people’s homes – versus hotels – along his journey, and requires a potluck meal to stay within his vegan (avoiding animal products) life style.

“This is a call-to-action tour,” Marr said about discussing the urgency of global warming, which he said is putting the planet in peril – from melting sea ice to an impending global famine. Many at the gathering were convinced with environmental causes and other eco-friendly lifestyle groups. There was Marta Withjack of Green Brook, a geology teacher who has been involved with the Sierra Club, and Kevin Dykema of Piscataway from the Central Jersey Vegetarian Group.

“I am rallying the troops,” Marr said. While he said it is important for people to reduce their carbon footprint, he said, it is important for them to rally for change on the national level. For example, Marr wants the United States to shift all its subsidies for oil companies to green technology. He has driven by some wind farms in California and Texas – they were an amazing sight, but there were far too few of them, he said.

“None of the little things people are doing are going to be enough, ” Marr said about efforts from recycling to driving smaller cars. “We need massive change in this country and in the world.”


Upon returning to my computer, I received a copy of the following blog by Anthony Damiano:


July 3, 2010 – Saturday

Important message regarding the July 19th March for Animals in Washington DC
Category: News and Politics

To all those who wished to attend the March on Washington for Animals on July 19th:

Due to a number of reasons, in particular conflicts with newly scheduled events regarding the Animal Rights Conference 2010 (ARC2010) in Washington DC, we regret to inform you that StopCrush.org, the original organizers of the March on Washington for Animals, have decided to cancel the March until enough support can be garnered for all causes to be represented in equal fashion.

The March was originally conceived in October 2009, after the Supreme Court heard the opening arguments in the United States vs Stevens case, which involved the first amendment rights of producers and viewers of video depictions of violence and torture against animals. While reading the transcripts of the Court proceedings, Marla Stormwolf-Patty recognized that the Court would likely overturn the law that was put into place in 1999 to stop these videos, in particular “Crush Videos”. She immediately started discussions with friends about doing a March in Washington in an attempt to sway the court with people’s opinion. Discussions turned to talks, talks turned to plans, and plans turned to a scheduled March on Washington.

Originally, the March was scheduled to coincide with the closing of ARC2010 at 10AM on July 19th, and anyone who wished to continue the fight for their cause whilst in Washington could join in after the conference was over. The March was in no way affiliated with the ARC2010, and was scheduled to take advantage of the fact that many activists would be in Washington at that time.

Recent developments have impeded our efforts at staging the March, particularly the efforts of Anthony Marr, a key speaker at ARC2010 and founder of the recently formed Global Anti-Hunting Coalition. Mr. Marr has worked to undermine the plans of StopCrush.org and the March for Animals. Once, seemingly a supporter of StopCrush.org, and a participant in the March for Animals, Mr. Marr altered his plans in favor of his own “funeral motorcade for GAHC”. Whilst the members of STOPCrush.org believed that he was in full support of a March for all animals on Washington, he was actually working with Mr Hershaft (ARC Chairman) to organize an event in favor of his own cause. Mr. Hershaft advised the core group of StopCrush.org that the march would not be sanctioned by the conference unless the members of Stopcrush.org allowed the march to be in cooperation with Anthony Marr and his funeral motorcade. Before we could respond to Mr. Hershaft, Anthony Marr took it upon himself to answer for the group, advising Mr. Hershaft (whom Anthony Marr refers to as “a good friend”) that StopCrush.org is immovable in their position regarding the timing of the march. We attempted to defend ourselves and present our position, but our concerns were met by the indifference of ARC2010 and the condescension of Anthony Marr. Since that time, StopCrush.org, our friends, and our families have been subjected to the derision, verbal abuse and attacks on our integrity from among the core members of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, Paul Fusch, as well as their supporters. These attacks include rhetorical, racial and defaming postings(and continued reposting) within their social networks, as well as personal emails to our friends and families.

It is within this atmosphere of vindictiveness that we made our decision to at the very least postpone the March. We feel that given the circumstances, our efforts on behalf of the cause would be hampered by the influence of GAHC and its more viral followers, and we therefore have specific concern for the safety of our supporters and the participants in the March.

You are certainly welcome to join Anthony Marr and his motorcade for his cause on that specific day.

We would have posted this sooner, but our website was disabled by Paul Fusch, a close personal friend of Anthony Marr, and a former member of STOPCrush.org, who was the IT person for the StopCrush website. Until our new website is fully functional we have made the decision to announce this here. We apologize for any inconvenience that Mr Fusch’s sabotage has caused you.

We hope that you will understand our reasoning behind this decision. We know that many of you were looking forward to the March as a way of garnering visibility and support for your cause, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. We will reschedule the March for all animals at a time when proper support and safety can be achieved for the cause and its participants.

Thank you,
Marla Stormwolf-Patty
Anthony Damiano
Irish Cornaire
Sheila Gredzinski
Michelle Yorty


This is also a blog, dated July 3, 2010, in Anthony Damiano’s MySpace page.


This is typical of their twisted truths and outright lies. None of the above has any resemblance to facts and truth. For example, their: “Since that time, StopCrush.org, our friends, and our families have been subjected to the derision, verbal abuse and attacks on our integrity from among the core members of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, Paul Fusch, as well as their supporters. These attacks include rhetorical, racial and defaming postings(and continued reposting) within their social networks, as well as personal emails to our friends and families.”

All I have and need to say about this is: SHOW US THE EVIDENCE. I can do this without reservation because, simply, it does not exist.

On February 18, 2010, the following blog appeared, containing:

“On March 31, 2010, GAHC Founder and President Anthony Marr and Vice President Anthony Damiano will embark from Vancouver, BC, Canada on their 39-states-in-7-months Compassion for Animals Road Expedition #7…

“During this tour, The two Anthonys will conduct not one, not two, but 50 Funeral Motorcades for the Animals, to express our national grief and determination for the animals that we love, with Anthony Marr leading the procession on his motorcycle…

“The Funeral Motorcade for the Animals in Washington DC, complete with a hearse, will be conducted at 10 am on July 19, Monday, upon the conclusion of the Animal Rights National Conference (www.ARConference.org). We will start from the venue of the conference – the Hilton-Mark Center in Alexandria, VA, and drive on to the capital. With your support and participation, this will be the biggest of all 50 Funeral Motorcade for the Animals. Let us tell our national leaders that:



The blog was by none other than Marla Stormwolf-Patty.

In this blog, she merged her March on Washington and my Funeral Motorcade for the Animals as a single integrated event, as we had all agreed. The idea of the hearse was Damiano’s, which I approved.

In late May, two things happened: First, Damiano wanted me to support both bills HR 5092 and HR 5337, while I supported the former, but not the latter (see my previous blogs for my reason). Second, I suggested to Damiano that he should resign as the Vice President of GAHC due to his loss of dedication to the anti-hunting cause, by saying, “No hard line anti-hunting activist would support HR 5337.”

At about the same time, AR Conference organizer Dr. Alex Hershaft responded to Damiano’s announcement of their March on Washington that 10 a.m. would not work, and slated the Funeral Motorcade for 1 p.m., July 19, Monday. On May 31, Damiano wrote that this change of time was the result of my colluding with Alex to “subvert” their march, to which Alex replied that I had nothing to do with it. I asked Damiano et al to change their time to 1 p.m. so that the March and the Motorcade could stay as one, to which they flatly refused.

In regards to: “It is within this atmosphere of vindictiveness that we made our decision to at the very least postpone the March. We feel that given the circumstances, our efforts on behalf of the cause would be hampered by the influence of GAHC and its more viral followers, and we therefore have specific concern for the safety of our supporters and the participants in the March.” This is another outrageous false accusation. And my challenge to them is the same: SHOW US THE EVIDENCE.

Many activists aware of the march have said, given the scanty effort Damiano et al had put out to organize the event, which included no more than a countable few announcements on MS and FB, and little or no networking with any other organization for the joining of forces (while expending large amounts of their time defaming GAHC and myself), that their march would not succeed. One even placed a $50 bet that it would fail.

One said that Daminao & Stormwolf-Patty et al simply cannot take responsibility for their own failure, and have to lay blame on someone else, in this case the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, Paul Fusch and myself.

Another remarked, “So what even if Anthony Marr and the AR Conference do not support their march, why should its success depend on their support?” Excellent question.

Another reported that Stormwolf-Patty, supported by Damiano, wrote that both Paul Fusch and I had made unwanted sexual advances towards her, and Damiano himself has told others that I was a “womanizer”. On the first point, for the sake of her self-esteem, I can only shake my head and sadly smile. On the second point, I know hundreds of women in and out of the movement, and have stayed at the homes of dozens, and all in all, I believe that none would confirm his opinion. On the contrary, almost all have generously invited me back on future tours, while on the other hand, at least two women in California alone have complained to me about Damiano, though not in sexual matters.

Yet another has given them the label of being “cyberbullies”. Why haven’t I thought of that?! Now I finally have some first hand experience as to why some kids are driven to suicide by cyberbullies. Were I 50 years younger and received the same treatment from Damiano et al, I myself might have done so. In this light, their bullying behavior alone, without even considering their unethical conduct, is despicable in the extreme.

And yet another opined that since they used so much of their time and energy in cyberbullying, they could not be very genuine about saving animals.

Not only did Damiano send out libelous mass emails titled “Beware of Anthony Marr” to my friends, colleagues and tour event hosts, he went further to call them by phone in attempts to character assassinate me by slander and scoop them into his camp. One of them remarked that his call sounded desperate and lasted for hours.

And don’t think that they won’t resort to threatening. One of their most recent threats is to disrupt my speech(es) at the Animal Rights Conference, and the conference itself. Again, the bullies in action. The authorities have been notified, and such behavior will not be tolerated.

Through it all, I have adopted the “zen” approach to ignore their attacks and push on with my sabotaged tour, while aware in the back of my mind that damage continues being done. I have even instructed all GAHC personnel to refrain from responding to their attacks, much less retaliate, hoping that Damiano et al will eventually cease and desist on their own accord. But seeing that this is not going to happen any time soon, many within and outside of GAHC have urged me to take legal action, and have volunteered themselves as witnesses.

The Global Anti-Hunting Coalition and I have indeed suffered losses, but those who went to the dark side are the ones who cannot and/or do not form their own opinion based upon their own investigation of fact and analysis of truth, but blindly follow the drama queens and self-righteous accusers, be their dramas fake and accusations false. I consider these losses well within acceptable limits.

Please note that I would have continued to let the matter rest. But the above announcement of theirs, so public and defamatory that it made its way to even me, and has caused GAHC to again lose several members, is the last straw. In defense of my own reputation and that of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC), as well as the names of Catherine Garneau, Tia Tirrel and Paul Fusch, it cannot be left unanswered.

While the tour goes on.


To end on a positive note, and last but far from least:


Speaking of Catherine Garneau, co-Vice-President of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, not only is she a lady and a warrior, she is also an exquisite artist. Over the last three weeks, she has created a large painting (31″ x 42″) of the tigress Sita of the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India, based on a photo that I took of her while I was there in 1998. Tragically, in 1999, upon my return to Bandhavgarh, a mournful park staff informed me that she had been poached. She was 17 years of age, and had successfully raised 7 litters of cubs.


The painting will be auctioned off at the Animal Rights Conference to fund the work of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition.

Thank you, Catherine!

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)
http://www.facebook.com (search for β€œAnthony Marr Heal Our Planet Earth”)


7 thoughts on “2010-07-07 – Anthony Marr’s CARE-7 tour blog #23 – VA, MD, NJ

  1. What Marla and Anthony D did was not only extremely immature but their valuable times "saving animals" wasted on slandering Anthony Marr and GAHC and it's no wonder they could not do the March. I love the "hands across the sand" and what a beautiful garden your friend in NJ has, in our apt backyard you can see the dumpster lol, just kidding. ANTHONY MARR AND GAHC ROCKS! πŸ˜‰

  2. The best thing that has happened out of my experience through all this is getting back my good friend and brother, Anthony Marr…a man who told me that "truth would be my shield" ~ he was right, and justice serves only those who stand behind that shield. Thank you again for inspiring us all, Anthony…I can't wait to give you that long overdue hug, my brother from another mother πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, Anthony, it certainly has been "interesting" but the most important thing is that your message is getting out there…people are hearing it…you are rallying the troops…Every person who hears your message takes it out to, perhaps, five or ten more people..,and then those individuals carry it forward again…on an on. So, Anthony, your message is far reaching and your steadfast dedication is making such a positive difference for this world and the animals!! In spite of the vicious attacks you have endured…goodness always prevails in the end. I, too, cannot wait to give you a hug and look forward to joining you and our core GAHC members in Washingto D.C. next week. And if anyone out there wants to confront Anthony, GAHC, or disrupt Anthony's speeches…let me just say that neither myself nor the other members of GAHC who will be supporting Anthony in DC can be pushed around. We fight for the hunted animals, we cannot be intimidated and we will not allow anyone to undermine our cause…or our leader. So back off.

  4. Any person utilizing their critical thinking skills, with a lick of common sense (which is becoming more uncommon these days) and listening to their instincts, will know where the support should be.You've taken the higher ground and focused your energy and resolve on the GAHC for the animals. I have great respect for you and I applaud you for all your unwavering efforts to make our world a better place for all. Thank you Cathering and all GAHC supporters. You are the best.Blessings to all. πŸ™‚

  5. Wait a minute I did not see the painting when I first left a comment yesterday LOL.Cathy there was no painting there yesterday or I would have commented and now I will say I LOVE IT!!Your painting is out of this world and the detail on the tiger are amazing, so Anthony Marr should be kissing your feet from today on LOL!!Incase Anthony D and Marla wants to twist words *I* SAID 'KISSING FEE" LOL

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