Know thy enemy HATEM YAVUZ – the "King of Seal Killers"

For those who still don’t know who Hatem Yavuz is:

Seal-killing tycoon Hatem Yavuz, the “King of Seal Killers”

Hatem Yavuz flaunts himself as “The King of Seal Killers”, and as a seal-killing “Tycoon”.

The center of his evil empire is Sydney, Australia.

He employs thousands in Namibia to slaughter young seals by the hundreds of thousands every year.

He also deals in baby seal skins from Canada and Greenland, so Canadians cannot say that it is somebody-else’s problem.

He owns 60% of the global seal fur market.

His factory in Istanbul alone processes over 130,000 seal skins per year.

He has tried to ‘breed’ seals in cages himself, but they suffered terribly because they could not live in the water.

It does no good to write him directly, since his known response is to laugh, and proudly say that he “loves” what he does.

What can be done about Hatem Yavuz? Good question.

Sign this petition
but don’t stop there!


Hatem Yavuz’s site: yavuz.htm

Relevant sites:



Yavuz Group Australia
Hatem Yavuz
4/43 A Ethel St. Seaforth N.S.W.
Sydney, Australia
61-2-9948 5366; fax: 61-2-9948 5377

Yavuz Group Turkey
Hatem Yavuz
Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi 11 Yol B-1 Parsel
Tuzla, Istanbul
ph: +90 (216) 394 27 20-21; fax: +90 (216) 394 27 22

Prime Minister of Australia:
The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
couldnt found a emailadress only Contactform:


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