I would like to start this predictably very long blog with the short one posted by Shannon Wright a few days ago titled

[Racism in the Animal Rights Movement]

by Shannon Wright

Once again, this morning, I woke up to the words “There’s Chinese bashing going on again.” That meant there was a post on Facebook that sent people reeling. I have to say that I am, to be blunt, sick and fucking tired of the racism in the animal rights movement. Why do some people feel the need to hate an entire country for the awful abuses and barbarism that only some of it’s residents commit? Unfortunately, this is not limited to the Chinese people; but I have to say, without a doubt, I hear more Chinese bashing than the bashing of any other race, including the Japanese. Here are some of the comments:

Yesterday at 3:20

“This is sick but then its china what do you expect assholes”
Yesterday at 3:23

“exactly h pls share”
Yesterday at 3:25am

“sick asshole and SO PERVERSE AND EVIL!”
Yesterday at 5:46am

18 hours ago



“THE CHINESE IS AN EVIL RACE.” (In a thread on my wall March 7, 2012)

Before opinions, let’s first look at the facts. Here are some examples of the wonderful activism taking place in China as we speak:

Chinese activists rescuing dogs from dog truck.

Chinese man adopting and caring for rescued dogs.

And, of course we can’t leave out Anthony Marr who led the highest-profile anti-hunting campaign in Canada, has conducted campaigns in Canadian and American Chinatowns to put an end to endangered species medicines and in India to help save the tigers where they live, has traveled the U.S. on seven long CARE (Compassion for Animals Road Expedition) tours just to name a few.

I completely understand the hatred. I hate hunters. I hate vivisectors. I hate furriers. I hate those who maime, torture, and kill. But I have transformed that hatred into action. I’m pro-active and I get out there and fight with a level head. As ARAs we should be fighting against racism; along with speciesism, ageism, sexism, and any other “ism” that keeps humans and non-humans oppressed. How can we fight against any of these when hatred is so prevalent in our own movement? How can we fight speciesism when racism runs rampant in AR?

This kind of behavior in the movement is unbecoming to say the least, and it ruins our reputation. The enemy can and will use us against ourselves. Then we will have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning this fight.

Shannon Wright
November 12, 2011

Due to what Shannon has so courageously brought out, I have compiled the following list of abusive activities pertaining to various peoples, cultures and countries, so that we could view the situation from a global, objective, unbiased and balanced perspective.

Given the virtually endless varieties of animal abuse we humans have had the evil genius of inventing, I have limited the following list to those practised by at least 1% of the population of the country in question, and supported by at least 2%, which therefore precludes such highly localized atrocities as tearing live turtles’ heads off with the contestants’ bare hands in the Snapper Festival in Ohio County, Indiana, USA.

The list, as is, would be incomplete, and may contain errors. If you have any atrocities to include that is practised by at least 1% and supported by at least 2% of the population of the country in question, or if you have any country/ies to add to or remove from any listed activity, please comment, and I will amend the list accordingly. Thank you.

Anthony Marr

This blog was written over the period of four days, during which time I reviewed thousands of animal abuse pictures to select the following few dozen. It has been a hellish experience – definitely not recommended entertainment. But since I have done the agonizing, I humbly request that you look through the pictures that I have selected. They all have their rightful places in AR.

This reminded me of a brief exchange with my FB friend HyEna Howln this afternoon. She commented on the hunting video trailer I posted yesterday (which is also presented in this blog under Hunting Videos below), and said that she was paralysed with rage. She asked me how I handled my anger upon seeing these atrocities done unto other species on a daily basis for years. My answer was very similar to Shannon’s:

I transform my feelings into action. Action is the best healing force for me, and the only cure for the problem.

And so, I humbly ask, please take these pictures to heart, feel the fury, then transform it to dynamic action.

To see the pictures and charts and maps best, please click on them for their full size versions.


In alphabetical order:


ANIMAL CIRCUS – Peru, Russia, UK, Ukraine, USA (China banned animal circuses January 2011)



Bird shooting (duck, goose, pheasant, pigeon, turkey…) – Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, S. Africa, Scotland, Spain, UK, Uraquay, USA ++

………Just how much is enough?.

And how do they do it? Here’s how:

BOILING LOBSTERS AND CRABS ALIVE – the method used in the USA, UK, and most other Western countries. (“The Chinese” seldom eat lobsters, but when they do, they decapitate the lobsters first with a single cleaver-chop.)

BOW-HUNTING – Benin, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Mozambique, Namibia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, USA, Zimbabwe

Bow hunting is the most cruel form of recreational hunting, with a dismal non-lethal wounding rate of ~50%.

………Non-lethal wounding rate – ~50%.

BULL-FIGHTING – Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela

………This horse was killed.

BUSH MEAT – Cameroon, Congo (great apes), DRC, Gabon, Guinea + some other African countries


CAT/DOG EATING – Angola (dog), Argentina (cat – “only during hardship”), Cambodia, Cameroon (dog), China, Cuba (dog), Japan, Lagos, Laos, Nigeria, Philippines (+ Filipinos in USA), S. Korea, (former) Soviet Union, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, (+ Lewis-and-Clark, USA)

………S. Korean dog truck.

………Vietnamese dog truck.

………Chinese cat market.

………Chinese activists protesting cat-eating; poster reads: “REFUSE TO EAT CATS! Cats are our friends, not our food!”

………Korean women protesting dog-eating.

COCK FIGHTING – Afghanistan, Canary Islands, Colombia, Dominion Republic, Ecuador, France, Guam, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Venezuela,

………Cock fighting in Indonesia.

………Cock fighting in Thailand.

………Cock fighting in the Phillipines.

………Cock fighting in Afghanistan.

………Once upon a time in the West.


CRUSH VIDEOS – many countries – see

CRUSHING BOX (cruel elephant training practice) – Thailand

Elephants are trained differently between Thailand and India, the latter being much more humane.

“CULL” HUNTING – Canada, Finland, USA (usually in urban areas, by bow-hunters, for bow-hunters)

DAIRY INDUSTRY – Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Russia, UK, Ukraine, USA

By volume:

World total milk production in 2009
FAO statistics [30]
(including cow/buffalo/goat/sheep/camel milk)

Rank Country Production (10 to the 6th power kg/y)
World 696,554
1 India 110,040
2 USA 85,859
3 China 40,553
4 Russia 32,562
5 Pakistan 34,362
6 Germany 28,691
7 Brazil 27,716
8 France 24,218
9 New Zealand 15,217
10 UK 13,237
11 Italy 12,836
12 Turkey 12,542
13 Poland 12,467
14 Ukraine 11,610
15 Netherlands 11,469
16 Mexico 10,931
17 Argentina 10,500
18 Australia 9,388
19 Canada 8,213
20 Japan 7,909

European total milk production in 2009
FAO statistics [30]
(including cow/goat/sheep/buffalo milk)

Rank Country Production (10 to the 6th power kg/y)
EU (all 27 countries) 153,033
1 Germany 28,691
2 France 24,218
3 UK 13,237
4 Italy 12,836
5 Poland 12,467
6 Netherlands 11,469
7 Spain 7,252
8 Romania 5,809
9 Ireland 5.373
10 Denmark 4,814

………There are 65,000 dairy farms in the USA alone.

DOG FIGHTING – Afghanistan, Australia (illegal, but happening), India (illegal, but happening), Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Rome (historical), Russia, South Africa (wide spread), South America (most countries, by and large illegal, but happening), UK (illegal, but happening), USA (illegal, but happening)

………Once upon a time in the West.

………Once upon a time in the West.

………Once upon a time in the West.

………Dog fighting in Afghanistan.

………Dog fighting in Pakistan.

………Dog fighting in Pakistan.

………Dog fighting in the USA – illegal.

DOLPHIN CAPTURE & CAPTIVITY – Canada (captivity), China (captivity), Guinea Bassau (“massive capture” in 2004 +), Japan (capture and captivity), Mexico (capture – illegal, but happening + captivity), USA (Captivity) +

1985 – Australia banned all cetacean captivity.
1992 – Hungary banned cetacean captivity
1993 – UK banned cetacean captivity
2005 – Chile and Costa Rica banned cetacean captivity

………Pictures by Anthony Marr @ the Shimonoseki Aquarium, Japan, where the dolphins are captured from Taiji.

Currently, there are ~60 dolphinarium in Europe, 34 in EU.

………Dolphin capture at Taiji, Japan.

DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER – Denmark (Faroe Islands), Japan

………The Grind in progress in the Faroe Islands, in which tourists are allowed to participate.

………Faroe Islands, Denmark, the Grind in progress.

………Faroe Islands, Denmark, after the Grind.

………At the Cove, Taiji, Japan.

………At the Cove, Taiji, Japan.

………Anthony Marr meeting with Izumi Ishii, ex-dolphin-killer turned whale-watching operator, who single-handedly stopped dolphin killing at Futo, Japan, before heading on to Taiji to perform a dolphin-saving operation.

DRIFT-NET FISHERY – France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Taiwan, Turkey

FACTORY FARMS – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech, Colombia (eggs + 2.5M pigs), Denmark, Egypt, Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Netherlands (world’s biggest exporter of eggs – 5.4 billion/year), Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA

FOIE GRAS – France (78%) +5


………Gordon Brown and Brian May (Queen)

FUR FARMING – Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Netherlands, EU, Finland, Russia, Sweden, USA

………Fur farms are hells on Earth no matter what the country; this one just happens to be Russian.

………And all for this?

GESTATION CRATE – Canada, EU, USA + most countries with factory pig-farms.

Banned in Sweden and the UK. Will be banned in Denmark by 2014, and in New Zealand by 2015. Banned in certain US states (Arizona, California, Florida) but far from all.

………This device is so heart-breaking that it deserves it own category.



Consumers: Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China (only a few provinces), France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, S. Korea, Tonga, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

Breaking news! (Nov. 18, 2011) – the USA has just re-instituted horse slaughtering on American soil. States like Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Georgia and Missouri are considering opening or re-opening horse-slaughter plants. 120,000-200,000 horses will be slaughtered in America per year.

Major Horse meat Production Countries, 2005
Country # of horses
China 1,700,000 horses
Mexico 626,000
Kazakhstan 340,000
Mongolia 310,000
Argentina 255,000
Italy 213,000
Brazil 162,000
Kyrgyzstan 150,000
Totals 4,727,829


Horse meat production levels as of 2009
Country Tons per year
Argentina 57,000 tons
Kazakhstan 55,000
Mongolia 38,000
Kyrgyzstan 25,000
Australia 24,000
Brazil 21,000
Canada 18,000
Poland 18,000
Italy 16,000*
Romania 14,000
Chile 10,000
France 7,500
Uruguay 8,000
Senegal 9,500
Colombia 6,000
Spain 5,000*


………Snuff films performed by psychopathic serial killers.

………This will either make your blood boil or make you salivate and crave for more, depending on whether you are a compassionate and conscientious person, or a psychopathic serial killer of sentient beings. If you are the former, please join the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC); if the latter, please quit, then join the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition. Your fate, and that of the animals, are up to you.



Line up single file all the cows killed in the USA per year, and the cow line will go from LA to New York 15 times.

Line up single file all the pigs killed in the USA per year, and the pig line will go from LA to New York 35 times.

Line up single file all the chickens killed in the USA per year (~10 billion), and the chicken line will go from the Earth to the Moon 8 times.


The World’s Most Prominent Fishing Nations:

1. China
2. Peru
3. Japan
4. Chile
5. USA
6. Russian Fed.
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. Korea, Rep.
10. Norway
11. India
12. Iceland
13. Philippines
14. Korea, DPR
15. Denmark
16. Spain
17. Taiwan
18. Canada
19. Mexico
20. Vietnam

•52% of fish stocks are fully exploited
•20% are moderately exploited
•17% are overexploited
•7% are depleted
•1% is recovering from depletion

………A rare case where green is bad and red is good.

………Overfishing on American/Canadian west coast.

………Comparison of fish stock 1900 vs 2000 (click on pic for animation).

………World fisheries 1950-1998.

………Georges Bank Cod decline 1978-2006.

………Overfishing Index 1 = 100% compliance to limit, 7 = total non-compliance.

PUPPY MILLS (like little factory farms) – Australia, Canada (esp. Quebec, banned in Toronto), UK, USA


RHINO HORN USAGE & POACHING – African countries (trophy hunting and poaching), China (medicine), SE Asian countries (poaching), USA (trophy hunting), Yemen (dagger handles, recently banned)

………Rhino head as hunting trophy.

………Chinese poster saying: “MY HORN IS NOT MEDICINE”.

………Rhino horn as dagger and sword handles, Yemen – recently banned

RODEO – Canada, USA

……….This horse, named Daisy, died in this fall.

……….Thank you, Steve Hindi, for helping keep Rodeo from worming itself into China!

SEAL MASSACRE – Canada, Namibia

………Namibia seal massacre.

………Canadian seal massacre

………Killing the baby in front of the mother.

………The Canadian seal hunt quota for 2011 was about 400,000. At 1 meter per seal, a single file of 400,000 dead seals would stretch 400km/250mi along any highway.

……..The Canadian ex-minister in charge of the seal hunt wore a seal fur coat composed of the skins of some 30 baby seals.

SHARK-BAITING (with live dogs) – France


………Anthony Marr checking Vancouver’s Chinatown for shark fins, 2011.

SHARK FINNING – Top 6: Costa Rica, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UAE + almost every country with a coastline.

………Definned Whale shark.

“SPORT” FISHING – Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Tahiti, USA + most countries with a coastline

TRAPPING (leg-hold, conibar, snare) – Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA +

The leg-hold trap has been banned in 88 countries (including Finland, Norway and Sweden, but in which other forms of trapping continue), but only 8 US states have done so.

………A magnificent and rare Bald eagle, what trappers call a “trash animal”.

TROPHY HUNTING (“Big Game Hunting”) – Botswana, Canada, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe

………The “BIG 5”, hunted in a half dozen African countries.

………This hunter killed this elephant with an arrow.

………This hunter killed this rhino with an arrow.

………Adding insult to injury.

………Little man behind big cat.

………The Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) was conceived by Anthony Marr in 2003 and founded by him in 2009. Please join GAHC and GAHC-2 in Facebook.

VEAL – see dairy countries.

………Veal, a cruel spin-off of the dairy industry.

VIVISECTION – Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA and most countries with universities

………Stop UBC Animal Research led by Brian Vincent in Vancouver; Shannon Wright on right under the “orb”.

WHALING – Canada (native whaling), Japan (“Research” whaling), Norway (illegal whaling)


…….Makah native whaling.

………The evil Yushin Maru.

………Anthony Marr performing an anti-whaling operation in Shimonoseki, Japan; the Yushin Maru in the background.

………The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on the anti-whaling front line.

WILDHORSE ROUND-UP – to make room for more and more cattle ranches on public land – USA

………Meat eaters love their beef more than wild horses, so the horses are off to slaughter to make room for more cattle ranches.

WILDLIFE TRADE – Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, India, Laos, Maldives, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe + the Internet

……….Chinese ivory artifacts.

………Shipment of rhino horns in Bremen, then meant for being made into dagger handles; other rhino horns of course go to China to be made into medicine.

………Elephant tusks seized in Africa.

………Tiger skin to the West, tiger bone medicines to the East.

………Snow leopard skin openly displayed for sale in Afghanistan.

………Monkeys from SE Asia, going west.

………Leopard skins and taxidermied cobra in store window in Thailand.

………Python skins from India to Germany.

………Tiger skins on hotel wall in India.

………Tiger and leopard skins seized from Italian trader in Calcutta, India.

Anthony Marr has performed undercover operations in India to help solve wildlife crimes.

………With every one of these seizures, several slip through.

WOLF HUNTING & EXTERMINATION – China (license for foreign hunters), Estonia, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, USA

………Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

ZOOS (with a few exceptions) – most countries

…….Example of a “good zoo” – a drive-through zoo with 3 huge mix-species enclosures for African, America and Asian herbivores, plus drive-through compounds for carnivors.

………Aerial view of the Wildlife Safari drive-through zoo in Roseberg, Oregon, USA.

………As an opposite example, the infamous The Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete, Louisiana, USA, where the famous Tony The Tiger lived, all alone, all his life. (Pictures by Anthony Marr)

………Tony’s life-sentence prison.

………A glimpse of Tony.

………Anthony Marr speaking out for Tony The Tiger and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Global ENVIRONMENTAL statistics by country:


December 13, 2011:


Somewhat belatedly, though never too late, I came across what entertainer Steven Patrick Morrissey said about the Chinese people being a “SUBSPECIES” (Sep 4, 2010). At issue was animal circuses. Perhaps I was too busy on the road conducting my 7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-7 tour – 40 states in 7 months, Apr-Nov, 2010). Now, upon reading it, the first thought that sprang to mind is: Does he think that he belongs to the Master Race? What does this make him? A “Subspeciesist”?

Good thing that facts speak for themselves. In January this year, China beat Morrissey’s UK, and the US, and Canada, in banning animal circuses. Even so, inevitably, when I shared the positive news in a Facebook post, it quickly degenerated into yet another negative Chinese-bashing thread.

As a Chinese Canadian ARA, I’ve taken this type of abuse on a daily basis – from fellow ARAs of all people – for years – though admittedly none was meant to be offensive against my person. At first, I remained silent, thinking that racism would not be tolerated in the movement espousing Anti-Speciesism, which hopefully would be cleansed by those who could see comparable ugliness in their own cultural mirrors, e.g. bow hunting, factory farms, rodeo, vivisection…, and animal circuses, because I considered the subject beneath my dignity and irrelevant to my pro-animal activism. But one day, upon witnessing my own mother being insulted due to her ethnicity, I began writing about it (e.g. my latest blog on this subject: [CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS Around The World] – http://​homosapienssaveyourearth.blogsp​​crimes-against-animals-around-w​orld.html).

Now, in late 2011, reading Morrissey’s statement, and others’ comments in his support, and seeing anti-Chinese groups spring up like wildfire within the AR movement, I have come to a point of resignation. Morrissey and his fans can own the racist sector of the AR movement for all I care. Thankfully, there are groups exemplified by Stand By Animals In China, Stop Crush and the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition that hold steadfastly against racism of any kind within the Animal Rights movement, thus maintaining it on an even keel in the winds of prejudice and bigotry.

Though I understand where his offensive statement had come from – his gut and not his head – I feel that Morrissey owes my mother a big apology, and my father, my sister, my brother, my uncles and aunts and cousins, my childhood friends, NONE OF WHOM eat cats and dogs, or use rhino horn, or skin animals alive, and the vast majority of the Chinese people who are as irked by these atrocities as he is. As for me, I don’t need his apology. He can save his breath for a new song of true compassion, one embracing all sentient beings – including the Chinese people, at least the hundreds of millions of them that abhor cruelty as he does.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


GEO #009 – 21st, the Century of Drought

I used to think that WW3, if it happens, would be an oil war, or energy war of some kind, but I see that, as time goes by, water will surpass oil as the most precious finite resource, and WW3 could well be a water war.

Several factors will lead separately to this same collective conclusion:

1. Glaciers: There are about 100,000 glaciers in the world: 25,000 in North America, South America, Europe, and New Zealand, and over 34,000 in the former Soviet Union and China.

The Himalayan range alone encompasses about 15,000 glaciers, which store about 12,000 cubic-kilometers of freshwater. They feed 8 major rivers, including the Huang Ho (China), Yangtze (China), Indus (India), Ganges (India) and Mekong (Vietnam). Altogether, they provide water to 1.5 billion people. Unlike American agriculture, which is by and large rain fed, Asian agriculture is by and large river-fed via irrigation. Dry up these rivers and not only will there be no water, there will be no food. Where are these 1.5 billion people, then 2 or 3 billion, to go? What are they to do? Migration is not an option, because water and food will be in short supply everywhere in the world.

2. Drought: “Hot and steamy” is mostly on movie screens, inside tropical rainforests and on the streets of low-latitude coastal cities. Unfortunately, New Orleans and Miami may soon both be underwater, the Amazon may turn to desert by century’s end, and movie screens may not survive the collapse of civilization. The new catch phrase is “HOT and DRY”, where it really counts – the agricultural areas in the temperate and tropical regions, where rainfall will diminish.

In combination with a burgeoning human population – more mouths to feed with a dwindling food supply on an already over-stretched planet – famine in diverse places will be the result.

Why hot and dry? Because warmer air can “hold” more moisture before saturation, and the warmer it gets, the farther from the dew point it will rise, and the lesser it will rain.

3. Rising demand:

Rising population x rising per capita consumption = UNSUSTAINABLE.

4. Use by sector

To which sector do you belong?

5. Water stress and security risk

Stress x security risk can = WW3

6. Water pollution – mining

In 2008, I flew over 6 Alberta tar sands mines for 2 hours and took these pictures, as well as talked to the native people there about their sky-high cancer rate.

7. Water pollution – animal agriculture

This is on top of the methane emitted into the atmosphere which eclipses the emissions of the entire global transportation system by some 25% in CO2 equivalent.

8. Food crisis and famine

Rise in population X fall in agricultural production = Food crisis and famine.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

GEO #008 – Sun vs Man, Global Warming Denial 2

Global Warming Denier #1 Sarah Palin

I’m about to move on to the detonation of the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, but by this juncture, the Global Warming Deniers (GWDs) have probably jumped back in and said, “Fine, so the planet is undergoing a warming phase, but it is due to natural forces, solar activities to be exactly, not human action.” I call this a Level-2 Global Warming Denier, who is just a little stickier to dislodge than his Level 1 counterpart.

Global Warming Denial has 2 levels:
Level 1 (L1): that GW does not exist, and
Level 2 (L2): that GW does exist, but it is not caused by humans.
In [GEO #002], I dealt with L1. Now, in [GEO #008], it is L2’s turn.

The L2-GWDs have 2 types:
L2A. those who believe that GW is not caused by humans, and
L2B. those who believe that GW is caused by humans, but for some reason deny it. The most common reason is, for want of a lowlier term, Bribery, the most common currency of which being Oil.

One of the most common angles of attack by an L2 is to say that whatever global warming there has been is due to the irregularities in the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) impacting the Global Average Temperature (GAT), while using graphs to demonstrate the correlation between the two.

My answer to this argument is:
1. that it is a matter of course, and it stands to simple reason, that an increase in the TSI will raise the GAT, and
2. that the information in the last picture about the TSI on the right hand side of the graph is incorrect; the TSI has been declining since the 1990s, yet the GAT continues to increase.

3. that the GAT corresponds just as well and as closely to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration (ACC), and

4. that the GAT is not influenced exclusively by either TSI or ACC, but by the two combined.

The following graph is the perfect illustration for #4. Note that on the right hand end of the graphs, denoting the last decade, the TSI curve dips down markedly, while the GAT curve keeps on sharply rising, showing that the ever-rising ACC has taken over from the waning TSI in leading the warming process. But both combined determine the GAT as a whole.

I hope that the L2A-GWDs have seen enough sense in this answer to re-evaluate their belief. As for the L2B-GWDs, what they need is a lie-detector test.

Global Warming Denier #2 Rick Perry

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

GEO #007 – CO2, deadly Fuse of the M-BOMB

It never fails to amaze me, and dismay me, that the world’s best and brightest, gathered in one place, at the 2009 climate convention in Copenhagen to be exact, that they would be so off-target.

It should be obvious to them that the M-BOMB is the greatest threat we face today and of all time. But while they devoted volumes to the fuse, only the following few lines were about the bomb itself:

“Sci­en­tists are express­ing par­tic­u­lar con­cerns about:
– run­away global warm­ing dri­ven by pos­i­tive feed­back loops between melt­ing per­mafrost, methane hydrates, and methane releases poten­tially capa­ble of increas­ing mean global tem­per­a­ture by 10°C [New Sci­en­tist, 28 March 2009. p32];
– polar ice ­cap insta­bil­ity and asso­ci­ated sea level rises of sev­eral to tens of metres; and
– increas­ing oceanic acid­ity and asso­ci­ated adverse impacts on: coral reefs [bleach­ing, loss of bio­di­ver­sity]; shell­fish; and krill, the base of the food chain on which cetaceans [whales, dol­phins] depend. An acidic ocean largely devoid of life is a sober­ing possibility.”

Well, true enough, but is this all there is to it? Is this all they have in mind, and to say, and to act, in saving the planet from the most destructive process it has ever seen since the End-Permian Mass Extinction (Mass Extinction #3, 251 million years ago, which by the same “doomsday machine” caused the extinction of 75% of all land species and 95% of all marine species)? To put this in perspective, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 64 million years ago (Mass Extinction #5) terminated “only” about half of the species of the End-Cretaceous period.

Now, Mass Extinction #6 is about to equal or possibly surpass Mass Extinction #3, the only difference being that while ME3 was caused by geological activities in the early fragmentation of the then supercontinent Pangaea, ME6 is being caused by humans.

It is too late to prevent ME6 from happening, since it is already well under way, and accelerating, currently at the rate of over 100 KNOWN species per DAY, plus an unknown number of unknown species per HOUR. What we must do now is to prevent ME6 from becoming the catastrophe that ME3 was.

What we must first attempt to do is to prevent the M-BOMB from detonating, which does involve disarming its fuse.

Where the M-BOMB is concerned, CH4 (methane) is the bomb, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is only the fuse. To defuse the M-BOMB, we must control and, ASAP, end carbon emissions into the atmosphere from all human sources, be it in the form of CO2 from the transportation system or in the form of CH4 from the meat and dairy industries, the latter actually worse than the former by about 25% in CO2 equivalent.

Per capita CO2 emission

CO2 emission by country
About CO2, the first thing to remember other than that it is the most voluminous of all greenhouse gasses, is that while CH4 is short-lived, half-life in terms of years, CO2 is long lasting, half-life in terms of millennia. What is already in the atmosphere is here to stay, and it will continue warming the planet and acidifying its oceans for centuries to come, even if we stopped burning fossil fuels yesterday.

Second, the last 500,000 years have seen major global average temperature fluctuations 4 times, and at fairly regular intervals. As a rule, the temperature corresponded almost exactly to the atmospheric CO2 concentration of the time. The important point to note is that at no time did the CO2 concentration fall below 200ppm or rise above 300ppm. This had held true all the way to as late as the year 1880 AD, the demarcation point of the human-caused Industrial Revolution, when the CO2 was at a very sustainable 280ppm. Today, 130 years hence, the CO2 concentration has risen to 390ppm, increasing at about 1ppm per year, and accelerating.

It has been determined that 350ppm is the maximum the planet can sustain without global warming escalating into Runaway Global Heating. We already are in dire straights as to how to reduce the current 390ppm back down blow 350ppm, when, just last week, the oil nations proclaimed a target of 450ppm minimum – a suicide scenario. Long before 420ppm, the Arctic ice cap will have disappeared in the summer, the Arctic Ocean temperature will have risen enough to melt the surrounding permafrost for hundreds of miles inland, releasing the methane (CH4) hitherto frozen therein, thus detonating the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine.

Our current course of ecocide is also one of biocide and, yes, suicide.

Reverse course, if we want to live.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

GEO #006 – Arctic A/C soon to quit

The Arctic is not on top of the world for nothing. For one thing, it is the world’s greatest illusionist bar none.

The Arctic is a main accelerant of global warming, and is where the M-BOMB will be detonated, yet hides this so well from the public eye that half of all Americans not only doubt but deny that global warming even exists.

How it performs this feat of global illusion is by means of Latent Heat, “latent” meaning, appropriately, “hidden”.

How can heat be hidden? By not letting the temperature rise. If the temperature remains the same, the untrained eye will perceive that there is no warming at all, in spite of the calories by the billions already added to the system.

The substance of deception for this illusion is ice. But it will run out, and when it does, the Global Mean Temperature will skyrocket. Global warming will then be evident and undeniable, but by then, the Methane Time Bomb will have been detonated, and none but the most drastic, and expensive, measure – full scale geo-engineering – can save us.

For a small demonstration of Latent Heat, dump a kilogram of ice cubes into a pot, top it up with cold water, place the pot on a hot stove and stir the ice water with a thermometer. Question: When will the thermometer begin to register a temperature increase?

Answer: The temperature of the water will remain at the freezing point for as long as there remains ice to be melted. Crank up the heat, and the ice will melt faster, but the temperature still won’t rise. It WILL rise AFTER the ice has melted, and it will rise until it reaches the boiling point (100C), where again it will stabilize – until all the water had been boiled off, when the temperature of the pot itself will rise to that of the flame.

It takes 80 Calories (0.334 Joules) of heat to melt one gram of ice – WITHOUT RAISING THE TEMPERATURE. This amount of heat that is not expressed in a temperature rise is called the LATENT HEAT OF MELTING, or ENTHALPY OF FUSION. Water, melting from ice, ABSORBS 80 calories from its environment; and ice, fusing from water, RELEASES 80 calories into its environment. In neither case is the temperature changed, which makes the Arctic ice Earth’s northern “air conditioner”.

Now, imagine the Arctic Ocean to be a giant pot of ice water, and you will see the real world situation at hand. Latent Heat is a very important factor in climate change that is almost always overlooked and consistently ignored. We are not talking about a few calories here and there. We are talking about trillions of tons of ice lost over the last decade, HIDING 80,000 calories of absorbed solar heat per ton of ice melted, or QUADRILLIONS OF CALORIES in total, WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT TEMPERATURE RISE.

As less reflective sea ice remains and more absorptive open water is exposed, solar heat will be absorbed into the Arctic system at accelerating rates. The last of the ice will disappear very rapidly in the end; Runaway Global Heating will commence without delay.

All this will occur within the next decade, at most two. By then, the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, will have been detonated, when nothing short of radical geo-engineering can save us, if we then will have the will, ingenuity and resources to do it with.

While geo-engineering might be theoretically possible, those counting on some unidentified funding source (perhaps from the aliens in galactic currency?) still must bear in mind that even today, when the illusion is in full swing, the world is already financially strapped. Neither will time be on our side.

While the debate rages between those who believe that Arctic warming is due to intensifying solar irradiation or anthropogenic exponential CO2-forcing, or both, the fact remains that the Arctic ice is melting and melting fast, and when the melting is complete, the Arctic air conditioner will run out of fuel (ice) and quit, and the roasting will begin.

Let’s look at it this way. You are given $10,000 in your bank account, and you have no further income. Your credit rating at present is A1. You have a standing loan of $20,000, with a monthly payment of $1,000. You keep up your payment and your credit rating remains excellent, until in the 11th month, when your account is empty and you begin to default in your payment. Within 3 months, you’d be bankrupt. When the Arctic becomes ice-bankrupt, the M-BOMB, Doomsday Machine, will detonate.

Anthony Marr, Founder and Preside
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

GEO #005 – Antarctica, Earth’s Southern Air Conditioner

Antarctica, the forgotten continent. Here is what little I know about it.

At 14 million / 5.4 million sq.mi. in land area, about two-thirds that of North America and twice that of Australia, Antarctica is the 5th largest continent, the only one that is almost entirely buried under a vast ice cap up to 6.5 km. / 4 mi. thick.


Its main life forms are penguins…

… other sea birds, seals and whales.

Over the last 500,000 years, there have been four major temperature fluctuations, each corresponding to a major carbon dioxide fluctuation between 200 ppm and 280 ppm.

Notable is that the atmospheric CO2 concentration has never exceeded 280 ppm, including as late as the year 1880 AD when the Industrial Revolution began. For the first time in millions of years, the atmospheric CO2 concentration exceeded 280 ppm, and not only that. It has climbed up to 390 ppm, and climbing, exponentially.

Today, though the Eastern Antarctic is remaining relatively cool, the Western Antarctic is warming, which is caused by the warming of the Southern Ocean.

Global warming has been evident since mid last century, especially in the Arctic and Antarctic.

And they will lead the rest of the world in temperature anomolies for decades to come.

With Antarctic warming will come the melting of the on-land ice sheet and the offshore ice shelves, the former resulting in sea-level rise.

But the melting of the Antarctic ice will absorb vast quantities of the Latent Heat of Melting, thus cooling the Southern Hemisphere and buying time for us to save the planet as a whole.

All in all, though the Antarctic is remote, it is not to be ignored.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President

Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


Anthony Marr’s OCCUPY THE WORLD 2012 Tour


The 40-states-in-7-months


In order to keep the OCCUPY movement hot and sizzling throughout 2012, to escalate it on the national level and, ultimately, elevate it on to the planetary level,

Anthony Marr, founder and president of
[Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE), and winner of the
[BEST ALL AROUND ACTIVIST] Award by Negotiation Is Over (2010), and the
[HENRY SPIRA GRASSROOTS ACTIVIST] Award at the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC (2010),

will lead his 8th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-8 tour), otherwise known as

the [OCCUPY THE WORLD 2012 Tour]

through 37 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces from March 24 through November 4, 2012, when 64 OCCUPY events are scheduled for 64 major cities en route, as follows:

State – City – Date

BC – Victoria – 03/24/2012 Sat
BC – Vancouver – 03/25/2012 Sun

WA – Seattle – 03/31/2012 Sat
WA – Olympia – 04/01/2012 Sun

OR – Portland – 04/07/2012 Sat
OR – Eugene – 04/08/2012 Sun

CA – San Francisco – 04/14/2012 Sat
CA – Sacramento – 04/15/2012 Sun

CA – Los Angeles – 04/21/2012 Sat
CA – San Diego – 04/22/2012 Sun

NV – Las Vegas – 04/28/2012 Sat
AZ – Phoenix – 04/29/2012 Sun

AZ – Tucson – 05/05/2012 Sat
NM – Albuquerque – 05/06/2012 Sun

TX – El Paso – 05/12/2012 Sat
TX – Austin – 05/13/2012 Sun

TX – Dallas – 05/19/2012 Sat
TX – Houston – 05/20/2012 Sun

LA – New Orleans – 05/26/2012 Sat
AL – Mobile – 05/27/2012 Sun

FL – Tallahassee – 06/02/2012 Sat
FL – Tampa – 06/03/2012 Sun

FL – Miami – 06/09/2012 Sat
FL – Orlando – 06/10/2012 Sun

FL – Gainsville – 06/16/2012 Sat
GA – Atlanta – 06/17/2012 Sun

SC – Columbia – 06/23/2012 Sat
NC – Charlotte – 06/24-2012 Sun

NC – Winston-Salem – 06/30/2012 Sat
NC – Raleigh – 07/01/2012 Sun

VA – V. Beach – 07/07/2012 Sat
DC – Washington DC – 07/08/2012 Sun

MD – Baltimore – 07/14 or 21/2012 Sat
PA – Philadelphia – 07/15 or 22/2012 Sun

DE – Wilmington – 07/28/2012 Sat
NJ – Trenton – 07/29/2012 Sun

NJ – Newark – 08/04/2012 Sat
NY – NYC – 08/05/2012 Sun

CT – Bridgeport – 08/11/2012 Sat
CT – Hartford – 08/12/2012 Sun

RI – Providence – 08/18/ 2012 Sat
MA – Boston – 08/19/2012 Sun

NH – Manchester – 08/25/2012 Sat
ME – Portland – 08/26/2012 Sun

VT – Hartford – 09/01/2012 Sat
NY – Rochester – 09/02/2012 Sun

ON – Toronto – 09/08/2012 Sat
ON – Ottawa – 09/09/2012 Sun

PA – Pittsburgh – 09/15/2012 Sat
OH – Cleveland – 09/16/2012 Sun

OH – Columbus – 09/22/2012 Sat
OH – Cincinnati – 09/23/2012 Sun

MI – Detroit – 09/29/2012 Sat
IN – Indianapolis – 09/30/2012 Sun

IL – Chicago – 10/06/2012 Sat
WI – Milwaukee – 10/07/2012 Sun

IL – Madison – 10/13/2012 Sat
MN – Minneapolis – 10/14/2012 Sun

MT – Missoula – 10/20/2012 Sat
MT – Helena – 10/21/2012 Sun

AB – Calgary – 10/27/2012 Sat
AB – Edmonton – 10/28/2012 Sun

BC – Kamloops – 11/03/2012 Sat
BC – Kelowna – 11/04/2012 Sun

Throughout this 7.5-month period, the [OCCUPY THE WORLD 2012 Tour] will be the vehicle towards national and international unification of the OCCUPY movement, as well as media coverage up to the global level.

According to the above time table, the participating OCCUPIED cities will each hold a mass rally in solidarity with all other OCCUPIED cities on a sustained basis from coast to coast.

This is also to keep the OCCUPY movement vigorously co-existing with the American presidential election on an equal footing, so that the voice of the 99% be not silenced or lost, but instead be heard, and heard loud and clear.

The [OCCUPY THE WORLD 2012 Tour] calls upon the above cities to participate, and join with the other 63 cities to OCCUPY THE WORLD!

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) (AM’s 3rd-book-in-the-making)