The Inherent Evil of BOW-HUNTING – 50% non-lethal wounding rate

BOW-HUNTING – the cruellest “sport”

Here are two related posts in Facebook on the subject:

This is a video of 2 archers, one Russian, one American, contending for the World Cup. Consider 10 as the kill zone (heart & lung) and 9, 8, 7 as wounding zones (gut, back, shoulder, rump, head, legs), and you will see that even these Olympic-class archers, under ideal conditions, score 10s only part of the time. And there is no foliage in between, and the targets don’t move. This attests to bow hunting’s dismal and cruel non-lethal wounding rate of 50%. Seen an arrow-wounded deer lately?

To give you a more life-like demonstration, shown here is a target for a “3D Archery” tournament. The red circle encloses the quick-death zone where the heart and lung are located. The shots landing outside of the circle would cause the victim to die slow, lingering and agonizing deaths, or to stagger around with an arrow imbedded somewhere in their bodies for the rest of their lives.

And the bow-hunters know it.

…..An arrow-wounded deer left in the forest overnight further tormented by natural predators.

If you have not yet joined the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC and GAHC-2) in Facebook, please do so now! Together, we can stop this atrocity!

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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