30 reasons why cat/dog lovers should support anti-hunting

For those who love cats and dogs, but have not supported the anti-hunting cause, here are 30 reasons why they should:



Note 1: Shown here are cats and dogs wounded or killed by arrows only, meaning, there are numerous others wounded or killed by bullets, shots or pellets.

Note 2: Bow-hunters are extremely aggressive in pushing bow-hunting into urban areas where the discharge of firearms is prohibited, targeting urban deer, stray dogs and cats.

Note 3: Children can hunt and main and kill before they can drive. Some begin as soon as they can pull the trigger, perhaps around 4-5.

Note 4: There are no controls as to who can buy bows and arrows, and in most case, guns. Some children play with these lethal weapons like toys. The degree of cruelty usually depends on their parents.

Note 5: None of the above cases occurred in Asia, if you know what I mean.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


3 thoughts on “30 reasons why cat/dog lovers should support anti-hunting

  1. OH Anthony, that's so horrible.it does make a good point, if we would not hurt our dogs, which here some people do, why would we or anybody want to do this to other animls. OH, how sad, but I like what you posted. Oh my. !!! sad. 😦 Thanks for sharing Anthony. xo

  2. Superb article Anthony. I will post this now and repost again tomorrow. Plus Bows and Arrow are very silent so these monster can even shoot during the night and you know in the summer kids, dogs, adults love to be out till sundown and much later. Many bowhunters are known drinker and they have extreme hate for animals, even your dog or cat with tags. Then once they are in your area, you can bet they will not be easy to rid of, not because the town people do not want them but now with (CRE)Compensatory Rebound Effect deer numbers will continue to bring deer number upgrow is what they (DNR) State Wildlife Agencies wants. More deer more revenue. Bowhunters are the most sadistic, animal hating people and they don't even care about the danger. Soon they will narrow the buffer zone closer to your home. It's what they did in NJ and in NY.

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