Animal Amorality vs Human Immorality

Starving Polar bear

Starving Polar bear

Starving Polar bear

When driven to the brink of starvation, a mother Polar bear would eat her own cub(s) to survive.

An anthropomorphiser will condemn her for her “sin”, but there is nothing immoral about it in the context of nature. It is pure natural logic, and this is the most logical solution to a natural problem. If she does not eat her cub to survive, both would die. If she ate her cub and survives, she could have another chance to have another litter when food becomes plentiful. There is no moral judgement based on some human code of conduct applicable to the bear. The end result, her survival and the propagation of the species is all that matters.

This brings us to the human conduct when humanity is introduced into the equation in the form of the atrocious Canadian commercial seal hunt, which indeed is immoral in the extreme. And this immorality, in the human context, is extremely real.

Line up in single file the 375,000 Harp seal pups killed by sealers every year and, at 1 meter per seal, they will form a seal line 375km/238mi along any highway. Just when the Polar bear needs food to feed her cubs the most, and to store up her fat reserve before the summer comes and food naturally becomes scarce, the human commercial sealers come and take all the seal pups for themselves, thus starving the Polar bears, thus forcing them to eat their own cubs. This, in the human context, is exceedingly immoral, making Canada an immoral nation.

The inhuman commercial sealers care for nothing but themselves, but the Canadian “leadership” should bloody well know better.

Unfortunately, this is the patently immoral Harper government, which has no problem poisoning the entire Athabasca watershed of northern Alberta just to make some filthy greasy short-term profit, and boost his “Progressive” Conservative Party’s economic performance record (for history no doubt), W T F do you expect?

Ultimately, for us to keep on the oil trajectory and emitting greenhouse gasses and raising global temperatures and melting off the rest of the polar ice cap, thus inevitably driving not only the Polar bears but the Harp seals to extinction, makes us an immoral species. Shame on us!

Most despicable of all, to me-the-anti, trophy hunters clamour for polar bears, “before they go extinct”. They are beneath my contempt.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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