Thousands of people showed up in Victoria, British Columbia, to oppose the Enbridge pipeline being pushed through BC by the federal government in cohorts with the neighbouring oil province Alberta, and thousands have vowed to physically block whatever machinery that may plough one inch across the AB/BC border. This is Canadian activism at its best, against the Canadian government at its worst.

But Canada is only a resource for the USA and China where the tar sands are concerned. At least Obama paid lip service to green energy and has so far delayed the Keystone pipeline, but Romney is hell bent on more and more oil, coal and gas, and can’t wait to give the pipeline the go ahead. And all nations, including Canada itself, are eyeing the Arctic as a new fossil fuels bonanza, as if there is no tomorrow.

Some Americans are offended that I, a Canadian, would dare criticize anything American, but it could in fact be seen as a compliment, because if whatever happening in America and what it might do in the international arena is of no significance, I would not waste my energy and breath on it. The fact of the matter is that anything that happens in America will have an effect on Canada and the rest of the world.

So, allow me to proceed with my observation from the outside looking in. On this day, October 23, the day after the last of four debates prior to the biggest election in the world, and just a fortnight before the moment of decision itself, of course the United States of America is on my mind. Again, as I have pointed out before, it is not what was said in the debate that interests me, but what was totally left out.

Of course, for anyone with the ecological health of the planet constantly on their mind, they would not have missed the fact that what they had been waiting for never happened. I am of course talking about the environment, climate change, global warming, and their retinue of real world effects that will impact on everyone on the planet, regardless of country, wealth, social strata, gender or creed. 

Some will recall my writing about the likelihood if not inevitability and imminence of a dollar crash, economic collapse, social disintegration and potential war. For those who have not read it, my trilogy on this subject is in this very blog site. So first of all, did the politicians discuss these matters? Of course not. Both contenders avoided them like the plague, and so did the questioners and moderators.

Since one of them represents a party 82% of whose adherents still deny that global warming, even if real, is not caused by human activities, their avoidance of the national debt issue only goes to show that potential economic collapse is in fact very much their concern. In my [Economic Collapse Trilogy], I have mentioned that while the dollar was previously based on gold, now it floats on gas, coal and oil. 

Realizing that the national debt is pushing $17 trillion, and that the meaningless debt ceiling has yet again to be raised, and more money has yet to be printed to pay for the interest alone, and how unsustainable this spiralling dynamic really is, they have turned to thinking that the only way to keep the economy from hyperinflation is to inject more gas, coal and oil into the system as backing for the dollar.

Indeed, as long as there is more and more fossil fuels in the American economy, the dollar’s worth will be held more or less steady, regardless, within limits, of more paper money being printed by the Fed. But then there is an ecological price to pay, and I’m not sure if they realize this. I’m talking of course about global warming and its real life impact on each and every citizen regarding food and water.

Those not in climate-change denial know that the more fossil fuel is burned, the faster global warming will escalate. Those understanding global warming know that escalating global warming results in escalating drought, and escalating food shortage. So, those in control of America may succeed in delaying the economic collapse by means of oil, in doing so they will hasten by similar measure the ecological collapse.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

The pictures are of the tars sands mining operation in Alberta, Canada – the most ecologically destructive industrial project in world history bar none.


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