Cold Tofurkey

Cold Tofurkey

I’m just play-acting in this pic with a rolled-up aluminum tube, but, yeah, I did use to smoke – like a chimney in fact, up to pack-and-a-half a day. Then one day in 1981, I noticed that no smoke had been emitted from the mouth of my dad, who used to smoke more than even me, for quite some time. It eluded me for easily a month. 

“Hey, dad, did you quit smoking?” I asked. 

“Yes, I did,” replied my dad in his usual quiet, stoic way. 


“Oh, about a couple of months ago.” 

“Really? How?” 

“Cold turkey (Chinese equivalent thereof).” 

“Did you slip?” 

“Just once, on the second day.” 

Since I’ve always wanted to do things better than my dad, I saw my opportunity. At about the same time, I moved to a new place. I’d read about moving being a good opportunity to quit, since there is no association between the new place and smoking. So I went for it. 

And I did beat my dad to the goal. No slippage for even one day. Day before moving, 1.5 packs; day after, zero. Not easy, but proven possible.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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