Criminalize Ag-Gag Laws]

Before presenting the petition, let me start with a common-sense question: 

Suppose you’re enjoying a wildlife-photography excursion when suddenly you’re shocked to see a Bald eagle – a “trash animal” in trapper lingo – caught in a leg-hold trap, what would you do first before setting about to free the eagle? You would, of course, take a picture of it. My question is “Have you just committed a criminal act?”

Answer: If the Ag-Gag Law applies to exposing the cruelty inherent in the trapping industry, outdoors naturally, then you have just become a criminal. 

Of course it’s an “if”, because – 1. How can this be enforced, and 2. How in a moral society, and the “Land of the Free”, can this be deemed acceptable?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what this very Ag-Gag Law is designed to do, as long as it happens behind razor-wired walls and locked doors.

In this law, there is no human rights for exposing abuse of animal rights. 

Under this law, exposing TRUTH is a crime, while the COVERING UP of truth is condoned, legalized, protected and enforced. Just what kind of a moral society are we living in?

Under this law based not on philosophy or morality but on industrial profit, courageous activists risk imprisonment for conducting undercover investigations of rodeos, circuses, puppy mills, fur farms, vivisection labs and factory farms, sometimes lasting years, to expose inherent cruelty in these inherently cruel industries. So the “Home of the Brave” lies behind bars? 

I don’t often post petitions, but this one is a MUST. Please sign and share far and wide.

Ag-Gag laws are being passed around the nation, criminalizing undercover investigation of how food is produced and the cruelties animals face at the hands of factory farms. Ensuring consumers have access to these investigations, and allowing organizations to conduct undercover investigations, is absolutely essential to ensure the well-being of animals as well as the safety of food to consumers. Consumers have every right to know how their food is produced. The farming industry is lobbying for these laws in order to help silence the issue of animal rights and keep their abuses hidden. Sign this petition and send a strong signal to the White House that food security and animal rights mandate federal protections and shouldn’t be whittled away by state laws.

Created: Apr 10, 2013
Issues: Agriculture, Consumer Protections, Environment
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Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


One thought on “AG-GAG AN IMMORAL LAW

  1. Signed, shared on FB & sent emails. Love ya Anthony! Just Do The Best You Can, Try To Stay Positive and Be Compassionate to “Others” Which Includes ALL Animals. Doing My Small Part. Love Ya, Denise


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