PALEO-DIET – Truth Trumps Ideology

PALEO-DIET – Truth Trumps Ideology

PALEO-DIET – Truth Trumps Ideology

I’ll catch flack for this, but facts beats wishful thinking every time. 

There is an ideology floating around in the vegan community that early humans were vegans, so: “therefore, we modern humans should also be vegans”, whereas it is a proven fact that paleo-humans were OMNIVORES, as are all contemporary tribal cultures, except some which inhabit Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions, who are CARNIVORES.

It is true that contemporary “sport” hunters use this as a justification for continued hunting, but to “FOLLOW tradition” is their mind set, not ours. That in the AR/Vegan movement is, or should be, to RISE ABOVE tradition on to a NEW trajectory. We are not traditonalists; we are revolutionaries.

Paleo-humans and contemporary tribals were and are omnivorous/carnivorours hunter-gatherers, because:

1. They simply could not and cannot afford to be choosy. It was/is a matter of survival and necessity. lf they turn over a rotting log and find insect grubs, they won’t discard them out of a sense of disgust or morality.

2. Veganism based on anti-cruelty is not a paleo-concept and animal RIGHTS is not a tribal concept.

3. The human dentition was inherited from the early tree-dwelling primates, which needed strong molars to crush nuts and masticate vegetative matter.

4. Some primates, e.g. chimpanzees, are themselves omnivorous.

5. The paleo-humans told us so in their own language in the form of cave paintings.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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