On Fate and Destiny

We’ve all heard stories of someone missing a plane that eventually crashed with no survivors, and considered him/her supremely lucky and meant for great things. Indeed whether he/she had made the flight or not, the plane would have crashed and he/she would have died along with the rest.But this morning, I read a story where a car with five teenagers aboard, two boys and three girls, suffered a fiery crash, with likewise no survivors. The story was about a boy whose father forbade him to join the planned triple-date outing, and lived to see the tragedy on the news. And of course we consider him supremely lucky as well.



But now a question arose in my mind. Let’s for argument’s sake take the accident as a two car collision (which it wasn’t) where the car was T-boned by a heavy truck that ran a red light at high speed. Had this lucky boy been able to join the ride, there would have been slight changes in the timing of all relevant events, including the extra pick-up and delays, and the collision would probably not have happened.

Then arose the greater question: We are all passengers in “spaceship Earth” which is hurtling towards a predicted and dreaded fate. Are we all doomed like those on the ill-fated plane. or destined to save ourselves and all life on Earth at this critical juncture by virtue of our being on board?



Anthony Marr, Founder and President

Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)


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